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The Entrepreneur Network (TEN) is a program of the Zimmer Foundation, a 501(c)3 Michigan (now New Mexico) non-profit corporation.   Starting in 1988, we provided free counseling to inventors and entrepreneurs through both TEN and SCORE .   Our credentials are outlined in the attached bio .

Our strengths are in the pre-startup and early stage phases — we can help with later-stage operational and expansion problems, but so can many others — SCORE, the SBDCs, independent business consultants, etc.

We differ from most other entrepreneur websites in that our interests tend toward the inexperienced who are trying to start and develop "life-style" businesses.   Those who are looking to bet big bucks on big results are well served by the other sites.   While "making money" is essential in every business, we feel that enjoying it — having fun doing it — is just as important — and not everyone finds the tensions that come with chasing "big" business enjoyable.

We're most applicable to those who have creative skills — who simply want to use those skills to do their "own thing" — not someone else's.   Our specialty is in helping individuals find creative ways to do "what you want with what you've got".   Examples:

Understand there's no "free lunch"— no "get rich quick" methods.   Success in business requires time, commitment — and hard work — with or without capital.   Whereas the need for capital can be minimized with a little imagination and creativity, there's no avoiding the time, commitment — or the work .

The information on this site comes from a newsletter we published and distributed in the eastern Great Lakes region.   You'll find many of your answers in the articles we've posted.

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