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This section used to contain listings of technical and business service providers willing to work with individual inventors and entrepreneurs in the eastern Great Lakes region.  With the growth of the Internet, this is no longer useful.

Today, anyone can find any service they're looking for through Google .  And with the popularity of email, you're no longer limited to services in your own local region — you can work as comfortably with service providers in other states and other countries as easily as with one that is local.

Not only are there a greater number of service providers to choose from, we're now seeing many more specialty services becoming available — because it's now trivial for a freelancer — or a moonlighter looking for some extra part-time income — to throw up a website looking for work in his or her particular specialty.

While the larger service providers may not have any great interest in working with the "little guy" — these individual freelancers and moonlighters certainly will — and their fees are likely to be considerably lower, because they don't have brick and mortar overheads to support.

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